Your visit at PART, the professional reference of design and manufacture of mechanical, industrial, architectural as well as building parts and assemblies is highly appreciated. We wish to provide an appropriate response to your requirements in the field of design, rapid prototyping, casting, jewellery, medicine and civil engineering. Our solutions for 3D scanning & printing are:

  • 3D Printing by hard and soft materials
  • Full-scale or scaled down printing of industrial parts with appropriate surface quality, and mounting of assemblies
  • Manufacturing of casting patterns, core moulds, permanent moulds, gravity casting moulds, die casting parts
  • 3D Scanning and dimensional measurement of solid parts in order to implement in reverse engineering projects
  • Design and manufacturing of gems and jewellery
  • 3D Printing of medical, orthopedic and dental hardware
  • Making city monuments, sculptures, busts, building maquette and decorative elements

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