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3D Modelling

      If the design sketch is provided by customer in advance, we get to manufacturing of 3D model directly. Otherwise, a basic design should be created according to the customer’s requisites or project’s RFP. Having approved the basic design by the client, subsequent steps of design comprising load application and analysis of parts, mounting the assemblies, mechanism performance check out on the dynamical softwares must be carried out respectively. In the meantime, the required modifications and verifications are fulfilled in each step.

      3D modelling softwares that is currently being used in PART are SOLIDWORKS and CATIA for mechanical parts, 3D AutoCAD for architectural and civil works and Matrix for gem and jewellery jobs. You see sample views of these softwares’ output.

3D Model made by SOLIDWORKS

3D Model created by means of CATIA
3D Model made on AutoCAD
3D Model created by Matrix

      To obtain more information about the above mentioned softwares’ features as well as selection of most compatible modelling software for the every assigned job, contact our professionals through the following numbers.

Mahdi Rahmati, B.Sc. Eng.

Specialised in and lecturer of 3D modelling and analysis softwares

+98 912 378 9220