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Load Applying and Analysis

      Having prepared a three dimensional model, supporting and loads are applied on a finite-element analysis (FEM) software, based on the actual assembly situation, while considering the design factors. After calculating, dimensional modifications shall be performed in accordance with the desired acceptance criteria and regarding the client’s remarks, if the design doesn’t show adequacy. The common mechanical parts analysis software is ANSYS and we benefit from ETABS and SAP for structures. An output view of those softwares is illustrated in the following figures.

Stress analysis by ANSYS software


Stress analysis by ETABS software


 Analysis results in SAP software 

      The software running time is highly dependent on meshing, load case and supporting conditions and thus affects the precision and validity of results. To gain a counsel, or quote for time and cost of a calculations and analysis job, contact us via following means:

Yunes Rezazadeh, M.Sc. Eng.
Specialised in design and analysis of mechanical parts
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Hassan Araghi, M.Sc. Eng.
University lecturer
Specialised in design and analysis by SAP and ETABS
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