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Dimensional Measurement

   This method, which is known sometimes as optical measurement, is an alternative for Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and covers well the previous means issues. In the preceding technique, even if a portable equipment would be implemented, there was a limited number of visualised spots; therefore the interface software needed to imagine the overall figure of the solid body according to interpolation algorithm and then to produce the spot cloud. In the modern procedure, all points on the surface are continuously recorded and an editable 3D model is created based on the state of the art image processing technology.

      To ensure valid results, we in PART use properly calibrated and certified apparatuses. Although we try straight to improve measurements from both accuracy and precision points of view, the available precision is currently tenth of millimetre (error of ± 0.05 mm). All assessments are repeated sufficiently to achieve reliable dimensions.

      On a particular quotation, you need to send a photo of the specimen together with some descriptions about it as well as details of service you require, through the contact information page. For further conversations, please contact our specialists mentioned below:

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Specialised in Metrology, 3D scanning and dimensional control

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