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Company Profile

      PART Engineering Design Firm licenced by Ministry of Roads and Urban Development started to work on 2015; and on its way to extend activities in the field of modern technologies, equipped the office with scanning and printing apparatuses. Relying on more than a quarter of century engineering experience and high academic educations, we do our best to offer a complete package of services in the field of computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM), consisting of 3D modelling (including load application, mechanical and thermal analysis as well as design of mechanisms), 3D scanning (comprising dimensional measurement and reverse engineering) and also 3D printing (containing diverse additive manufacturing technologies) to the artisans, architectures, students and researchers of our motherland Iran.

      Our key personnel are:

  Mohammad Olamai

+98 912 175 2655

+98 26 3220 7907


Faculty staff


3D scanning and dimensional control

Design and manuf. of forming dies and casting moulds

Design and analysis of solid parts and mechanical assemblies

Alireza Olamai

+98 912 363 3958


3D printing technologies

Interface softwares in 3D printing

Interface softwares in 3D scanning

Electrical and electronic scope in maintenance