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Architecture and Civil

     Today’s architecture, building and civil engineering employ 3D printers (normally with FDM technology) in various dimensional scales and consumable material. The evolution trend is so that residential buildings mass production can be carried out by means of giant 3D printers someday. In the subsequent context, architectural and civil applications are described separately for students, researchers and specialists.

      Three dimensional printing is highly utilised in architecture. FDM printing by plastic or masonry material can be used for making scaled down building mockups, and 1:1 or scaled up statues and city monuments.

     For larger pieces with dimensions over the printer’s working limits, we need to cut them into smaller pieces and mount all the printed objects together later. Statues and icons that is to be installed outdoor, exposed to sunshine and raining, needed to be protected by an appropriate coating.

      In order to receive a quotation of time and cost of a printing job, you may send us the 3D model of the desired architectural design in STL format via Contact Us page. Our specialists are also available on the following contact information, to provide solutions for making and assembling maquettes and architectural parts.

      Manufacturing of scaled down civil structures of dam, bridge, port and dock by means of plastics as well as printing of building interior spaces by masonry (generally by gypsum, clay, adhesive and additive components) in one-to-one scale is now in the PART’s scope of work.

     At the time being, it’s possible to make objects less than one metre; and we will need to construct a particular apparatus by the client’s order, to handle high dimension duties.

     Our engineers are ready to provide consultancy on performing civil jobs by 3D printing technology. Please keep in touch through following contact info or Contact Us page.

Marzieh Tahmasebi, B.Sc. Arch.

Specialised in architecture

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Ebrahim Emdadi, M.Sc. Eng.

Specialised in structural engineering

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