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Investment Casting

      Casting industry has been subjected to vicissitudes in its more than half century life. On this way, moulding materials and wax, equipment and machinery as well as production processes of sacrificial patterns and moulding techniques have always been exposed to variation.

      Lately, the world modern technology has oriented towards implementation of 3D printing in the casting industry, decrease production expenses and enhance casting parts quality. Traditional casting with expendable patterns are facing many troubles like a fix (and often a high) cost of negative die, that is not economic for low rate production.

      We have appropriate solutions for making wax patterns of low frequency casting (say up to 10), making polyjet negative dies for intermediate rate of production (e.g. up to 100), and finally for manufacturing of heavy duty metallic moulds of wax injection.

      To see PART’s accomplished projects please refer to Picture Gallery page. Our professionals are prepared for consultancy about casting projects via following contact info.

Ali Qazi, B.Sc. Eng.

Specialised in casting technologies

+98 912 152 1470


Navid Safarpour, M.Sc. Eng.

Specialised in casting technologies

+98 935 493 7464