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      Traditional methods for producing gold, silver and other precious metals that already used to be made by hand, usually lead to not dimensionally proportionate or trigonometrically asymmetric crafts.

      In this firm, we print a 3D software model by best quality material with DLP method, benefitting from worldwide state of the art technology, then cast it in the extreme daintiness and elegance by means of excellent plasters and machinery.

      Throughout the process of building the 3D software model, all the customer’s remarks and tastes are included and gems are mounted in situ to provide the job final aspect. To know more details of manufacturing processes and to quote, contact our professionals through following contacts:

Hamid Mazaheri

Specialised in jewellery and gems

+98 938 452 5034


Amir Olamai

Specialised in gems and replicas

+98 912 679 8532