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      The influence of 3D scanning and printing in biomedicine, though newly emerged and newfangled, moves forward hastily. So far many academic themes are defined to develop the technology application in different branches of medicine, but its functional and commercial applications are still limited to few disciplines like dentistry, orthopedics and surgery. PART’s capabilities in either of those fields are pointed to in the following.


      Currently a wide range of prostheses hand art and orthodontic services are offered by means of 3D scanning and printing technologies all around the world. Implementation of such techniques has been newly started in our country and paces in its primary stages. We are in PART also to take part in this progress and however have provided facilities for manufacturing of chrome-cobalt prostheses and periodical orthodontic orthoses.


      Manufacturing of special prostheses which is used in orthopedic surgery as well as post-surgery orthoses and installing splints to fix or improve human body shape are all of PART’s scope of work. To build either of those modules, a 3D file of the patient’s body that should be provided by physician or clinical staff.

General Surgery

      Skull, jaw, face and some internal organs injuries are sometimes in such a manner that we need to attach a subsidiary solid module in order to fix up muscles and neighbouring organs. The job gets to be severe when in urge to follow symmetry, trigonometric configuration or a dimensional limitations.

     We are able to make such pieces of metallic or plastic materials, if a 3D file has already prepared by medical crew.

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Specialised in dental prostheses

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