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      PART has already organised following courses and seminars. The table is sorted from old to recent:

No. Course/Seminar Title Duration (hour)




5 Training course for concepts of 3D scanning and dimensional measurement 8   Oct. 2017  
4 Practical course for 3D scanners operation 12   Oct. 2017  
3 Training course for concepts of design and 3D printing 8   Oct. 2017  
2 Practical course for 3D printers operation 12   Oct. 2017  
1 3D scanning/printing seminar 4   Oct. 2017

      To see more details of courses and seminars (syllabuses, prerequisites, examination, certificate and fees, please refer to the counterpart organization/institute website. Following trainings also may be offered in form of personal/semi-personal courses.

  • To hold theoretical and practical trainings at industrial sites and companies
  • To hold personal/semi-personal classes at PART office (Karaj)

      In case of the trainee demand, PART’s certificate will be awarded, if they succeed in qualification/examination. Call us for arranging private classes. Contact information are included in the Contact us page.

Saeed Dehqani, Ph.D. Eng.

Specialised in 3D printing technologies

+98 936 270 0715


Farrokh Joulaei

3D modelling softwares teacher

Specialised in architectural 3D modelling

+98 912 296 5210